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          Clubs & Activities


          As a student at 东侧天主教, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue your passions through a wide variety of activities and clubs, ranging from yearbook and guitar to DECA and robotics. EC’s extracurricular activities are designed to foster intellectual and spiritual growth as you prepare for high school, college and beyond. If you have questions about our clubs, please contact Coordinator of Extra Curricular Activities & Field Trips soonja拉森.



          EC只有七华盛顿私立学校能够提供的一个 DECA程序。 DECA是一个国际知名的,有竞争力的方案,推出了高中学生在市场营销,财务,接待和管理的职业生涯。去年,24名学生资格的国际竞争移动的状态DECA会议和十。

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